Standard whirlpool spa

Standard whirlpool spa

The Berndorf Standard Whirlpool is a seal welded stainless steel basin (1.4404 stainless steel) with self-supporting wall panels with a polished interior surface and is designed to be sunk into the ground - unimpeded access to the outside of the pool is a prerequisite.

If the pool is to be free-standing, supplementary exterior cladding must be added on site.

Approx. 6 weeks
from confirmation of order.



 Model  Interior diameter.  External diam.  Base diam.  Water survace area  Numer of seats
   mm  mm  mm  m2  People
 WHP200  2000  2700  1100  3.1  4
 WHP250  2500  3200  1600  4.9  6
 WHP300  3000  2700  2100  7.1  8
 WHP350  3500  4200  2600  9.6  10
 WHP400  4000  4700  3100  12.6  12
 WHP450  4500  5200  3600  14.9  14

Water depth for all models 1.0m

Bench seating, leading edge approx. 700mm wide
Seat depth approx. 370mm
Height of seat back, approx. 600mm


The whirlpool is supplied in 2 parts, which must be mounted on site on the base plate and seal welded.

If access is limited, multi-part delivery (1/3 - 1/4) is possible following consultation with Berndorf Bäderbau.

If you would like further information, please request a DETAILED TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION.
Our employees will be pleased to provide you with advice and support.





  • Interior access ladder including handrail on both sides
  • Perimeter bench seating
  • Alternating bubble jet and back massage for each seat.
  • Sample water facility
  • Floor bubbler
  • Touch control for features
  • 2 underwater floodlights


  • Calf massage jets
  • Exterior steps
  • Pool emptying DN 100


On-site services and ground preparation

On-site services

  • Foundation plate
  • Wall and ground preparation
  • Electrical installation to the WHP transfer point
  • Masonry works
  • Fluid supply system for the whirlpool connections to the transfer point

Ground preparation
Prior to the welding of the wall and floor components, the sub-floor must be filled with fine glass granules, which can be obtained from Berndorf Bäderbau.

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