Doing business in foreign markets differs considerably from doing business at home. In most cases, it makes strong demands not only on the business, marketing and financial capacities, but also on the product itself.


Czech-Ceylon ImpEx is involved in the export of Czech products to Sri Lanka and neighbouring countries, as well as the import of Asian products and technologies to the Czech Republic. To facilitate the mutual communication and presentation of Czech business subjects and their foreign partners, we render complex services. Our advantages are mainly close contacts with local business communities and government institutions.

Recently, Sri Lanka has become an important market with commercial and investment opportunities also for Czech companies. We select several areas in a particular market with the potential of cooperation, and we prepare a business mission, which guarantees the following:


  • monitoring of actual export opportunities for the relevant market

  • introduction to the specific features of the relevant market

  • identification of the potential of your product in the relevant market

  • negotiation of the possibility of assistance of our Czech-Ceylon ImpEx company within the framework of exclusive representation in the specific market

  • enabling the long-term promotion of your product or service in the specific market via the Czech Info Centrum

  • organising a meeting with potential parties interested in the relevant product

  • preparation of your participation in a trade fair or exhibition


All the above-mentioned services include the arrangement of air tickets, accommodation, transfers, organisation of meeting premises, etc.


Czech-Ceylon ImpEx with a seat in Sri Lanka, in collaboration with its office in the Czech Republic, also offers very favourable financial conditions for business representation and exclusive business representation.

Thus, you can quickly get ahead in the local markets without unnecessary costs.