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Czech-Ceylon ImpEx is an international business company, rendering complex services in the area of export and import. We prepare companies for their entry into foreign markets and we guarantee export advisory and assistance with the implementation of joint projects. We help companies to find new markets for their products, as the relatively small Czech market does not enable them to fully utilise their production capacities. Many specialised products can find better application and interest in foreign markets than in the local market. Owing to our contacts and good knowledge of local markets, we can provide you with valuable advice to facilitate your entry into foreign markets. Czech-Ceylon ImpEx, in cooperation with its office in the Czech Republic – Czech Export Group – can offer foreign companies adequate assistance for the entry of their import activities in the territory of the Czech Republic.


We prepare targeted presentations for Czech companies, as well as for companies from Sri Lanka. In contrast to standard trade fairs, we are able to deal with every client in detail and find a suitable business partner for him/ her. All our activities are conducted with the support and in co-operation with the diplomatic representation of the Czech Republic in the relevant country. Moreover, we collaborate with government officials in the relevant countries and search for opportunities for capital entry into joint companies with government stimuli.


Unveil the possibilities of the Czech-Ceylon ImpEx company, as well as its Czech office—the Czech Export Group—to learn more.




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