Aircraft L 410 UVP-E20 / L 420

Aircraft L 410 UVP-E20 / L 420


Every all-metal, high wing, twin turboprop commuter in serial production is powered by GE H80-200 engines.  The L 410 aircraft family is successfully operating in more than 50 countries all around the world. So far, over 1100 aircraft have been produced. The most important features and advantages of the L 410 UVP-E20 are as follows:

  • 19 seat commuter for transportation of passengers, cargo or for special missions
  • Lowest operating and maintenance costs in its category
  • Unsurpassed durability and proven reliability in extreme conditions
  • Reliable operation on short unpaved runways (STOL)
  • Superb “hot and high” performance
  • High versatility with a number of quick change conversion kits
  • An excellent safety record
  • Large luggage compartments
  • A very roomy and comfortable passenger cabin (most spacious in its category)

The L 410 UVP-E20, which is the latest and most advanced successor of the famous L 410 aircraft series, is a well proven 19 seat turboprop commuter aircraft with outstanding technical parameters and operational reliability which is easy to handle and simple to maintain.

The L 410 has been in production for over forty years and has an impressive safety record. Owners and users, from different regions of Europe, Asia, Africa and America, appreciate the aircraft's remarkable "hot and high” performance and excellent STOL capability. They especially value its tough and durable structure and its ability to operate under extreme climatic conditions, ranging from –50°C up to +50°C. Its durable airframe and unique design offer exceptional performance both in the torrid desert heat of Africa and Latin America as well as the most frigid regions of the world.

The L 410 is equally "at home" operating in the Sahara desert or the Siberian tundra. The aircraft has proven consistent and reliable in an exceptionally wide range of climate conditions, from the dusty and dry African savannas to the rainy areas of Latin America and from sea level to ”hot and high” mountainous destinations.

With its unique undercarriage, the aircraft can operate anywhere, needing just a few hundred meters of airstrip with a minimum strength of 6 kg/sq cm (85 lb/sq. in), i.e. it can land and take off from a rain-soaked short grass airfields.

The L 410 UVP-E20 has been certified on the basis of FAR 23 regulation (Amendment 34) and has received the Type Certificates in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Russian Federation, Cuba and Chile. After establishing the new European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the aircraft has also received full EASA Type Certificate valid for all EU (EASA) countries.

The aircraft has also been approved for operation in a number of other countries, including Algeria, Republic of South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Tunisia, Colombia, Venezuela, South Korea, India and others.

The L 420, which is the FAA certified variant of the L 410 UVP-E20, has been certified on the basis of FAR 23 regulation (Amendment 41) and has received the Type Certificates in the Czech Republic, USA, Australia and Indonesia and has full EASA Type Certificate.

To insure exceptional in-flight safety and maximum customer's satisfaction, LET has always put great emphasis on continuous development, quality of production and product support. All current operators enjoy the aircraft’s excellent dispatch reliability, incredible passenger comfort and cost effectiveness as well as the factory’s ability to insure timely and comprehensive product support.

The L 410 is used by air taxi and airline operators as well as many government agencies all around the world.

The wide-body, oval fuselage, with 17.9 cu m. (632 cu ft) of passenger cabin volume, provides the highest standard of passenger comfort in the standard commuter variant as well as maximum versatility and utilization of the aircraft for a number of other applications and special missions, including executive, cargo, fast medical aid, ambulance, paratroops, photogrammetric, maritime patrol, surveillance and others.

The L 410 represents ideal technical and economic solutions for short haul air transport of passengers and goods. It is an ideal air platform for a variety of other special missions, including VIP, Air Ambulance, Patrol and Surveillance, Photogrammetric, Paratroop and others.


Digital Specification

Radio-Navigation and Communication Equipment
Advanced Flight Display 2 sets
AHC-1000A, Attitude heading computer 2 sets
Air data computer 2 sets
NAV/COM/GPS 2 sets
MKR 1 set
ADF 1 set
AHRS Attitude heading system 2 sets
DME 2 sets
Interphone and PA system 2 sets
Transponder I 1 set
Transponder II 1 set
Flight data recorder 1 set
Emergency locator transmitter 1 set
Cockpit voice recorder 1 set
Weather radar 1 set
Radar altimeter 1 set
EGPWS 1 set
AMS2000 1 set

Instrument Equipment
Airspeed indicator - standby 1 set
Altimeter drum scale - standby 1 set
Artificial horizont - standby 1 set
Magnetic compass 1 set
Torque indicator 2 sets
Gas generator RPM indicator 2 sets
Propeller RPM indicator 2 sets
ITT indicator 2 sets
Three - pointer indicator 2 sets
Fuel quantity indicator (main fuel tank) 2 sets
Fuel quantity indicator (wing tip fuel tank) 2 sets
Fuel Flowmeter indicator 2 sets
Outside air thermometer 1 set
Double pointer air thermometer 1 set
Clock 2 sets


HF Transceiver


Power plant

Manufacturer GE Aviation Czech s.r.o.
Model GE H80-200
Maximum take-off power 597 kW / 800 SHP
Maximum continuous power 522 kW / 700SHP
TBO 3 600 flight hours


Manufacturer Avia Propeller
Model AV 725
Number of blades 5
TBO 3 600 flight hours


Weight and Dimensions

Wing span 19,98 m 65,55 ft
Length 14,42 m 47,30 ft
Height 5,97 m 19,55 ft

Max. Cabin width 1,96 m 6,40 ft
Max. Cabin height 1,66 m 5,45 ft
Passenger Cabin volume 17,90 m3 632,00 ft3
Passenger capacity 17/19 seats  
Passenger door  dimensions 0,8 x 1,46 m 2,6 x 4,8 ft
Cargo door dimensions 1,25 x 1,46 m 4,1 x 4,8 ft

Max. Take-off weight 6 600 kg 14 550 lb
Max. Landing weight 6 400 kg 14 109 lb
Max. Zero fuel weight 6 000 kg 13 228 lb
Maximum payload 1 800 kg  3 968 lb



Performance parameters
Maximum cruise speed 398 km/hr TAS 214 kTAS
Maximum range (ISA, reserves for 45 min) 1 520 km 820 NM
Cruise Altitude 4 200 m 13 800 ft
Technical Ceiling 6 100 m 20 000 ft
Take-off distance to 35 ft / 10,7 m    
ISA, SL, MTOW 560 m 1 837 ft
ISA+15°C, SL, MTOW 640 m 2 100 ft
Landing distance from 50 ft    
ISA, SL, MLDW 503 m 1 650 ft
ISA+15°C, SL, MLDW 520 m 1 706 ft
Single Engine Service Ceiling
(ISA, 95% MTOW, climb rate 50 fpm)
4 694 m 15 400 ft
Rate of Climb at S/L both engines 8 m/s 1 573 fpm
Rate of Climb at S/L one engine 1,8 m/s 354 fpm
Take-off rating 597 kW 800 SHP
Max. Continuous rating = Max. trvalý režim 522 kW 700 SHP
Crew 2 pilots  


L 410

IAC CT302-L 410 UVP-E20 Russian federation
71-04 Czech Republic
14/90 Sweden
EA-9401 Brazil
72-0341-1 LS/ps Denmark
AV-9703 Argentina
5VT9800015 Philippines
A-02 Chile
1-99 Cuba
2067 Germany
A204 Australia
A048 Indonesia
Recognition letter Peru
Registration letter South Africa

The L 410 UVP-E20 is certified on the basis of FAR 23, Amendment 34.



71-04 Czech Republic
A175 Australia
A047 Indonesia
LET/001 South Africa

The L 420 is certified by the FAA according to FAR 23, Amendment 41 regulation.


The aircraft is delivered with:

  • a complete set of technical and operational documentation
  • a set of necessary ground equipment (ladders, has led, etc.)
  • tools (for all aircraft systems)
  • spare parts (for all aircraft systems)required for maintenance of the operation of aircraft.

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